Thought Leadership Committee

The Council’s Thought Leadership Committee brings together the collective expertise and experience of our members to identify priority issues of concern to both government and industry and to provide guidance in how the organization can help address those issues.

A thought leader is a business term for an entity or person that is recognized and cited with having innovative ideas and expertise in a given field or industry. The companies that make up the Homeland Security & Defense Business Council are recognized as the world’s leading providers of specialized homeland security and homeland defense technology, product, and service solutions. The Council’s Thought Leadership Committee  (TLC) brings together the best and brightest thought leaders from our member companies to engage with administration officials, congressional leaders, and other stakeholders in a manner that allows them to share ideas and lessons learned, and to offer insightful points of view on the most pressing issues our country faces in accomplishing the homeland security mission.

The TLC helps develop programs and initiatives that promote a mutually beneficial exchange of information between industry and government. The goal of the Council’s thought leadership activities is to facilitate a dialogue that informs the implementation of policy, helps address mission challenges, improves the management and organization of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (and related agencies), and strengthens and matures the entire homeland security enterprise.

The value of the Council comes from its unique approach to the dialogue. Rather than try to organize industry-wide consensus on issues, the TLC designs programs, briefings, and outreach around the simple principle that government is better served by having the ability to hear and consider multiple points of view, which may be similar or diverse.

The Council’s thought leadership activities include Executive Briefings and informal group meetings with high level government officials; in-town and out-of-town Executive Tours; providing SME support to our engagement with U.S. Congress; and helping plan and participate in Council sponsored symposiums, seminars, and white papers.

The Council focuses its initiatives on key issues of importance to both government and industry. Our major thought leadership activities and programs have most recently focused on issues involved with cyber and IT infrastructure protection, border management and immigration reform, and improving the acquisition process and the management of the entire homeland security enterprise.

Recent Thought Leadership Efforts and Activities: