Management excellence – that strengthens people, processes, and technology – provides rock-solid support to the frontline. Our expertise includes:


Acquisition and financial management services that help uphold accountability, efficiency, transparency, and sustainability of long-term organizational performance.


Strategic planning, human capital, and change management services that align mission and strategic goals with core values, employee skills, and competency models.


Logistics and supply chain services that help minimize security threats and economic disruptions, measure performance, and manage resources with minimal environmental impact.


Critical infrastructure management services that use cost-cutting technologies and best practices for mitigating risk and maximizing infrastructure performance.


“LMI has played a critical role in the successful development and execution of our project plans, environmental compliance strategies, real estate acquisition activities, supply chain logistics, data management, engineering design reviews, construction management, and maintenance and repair operations.”
Loren Flossman, Director, Facilities Management & Engineering at U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Principal Representative(s): Jeff Wehner
Website: http://www.lmi.org/en/Markets/Homeland-Security