Proposed “Industry Perspective” Curriculum for Federal Government Acquisition Personnel

Over the course of the last few years, the Council has been involved with coordinating industry speakers in a number of seminars, workshops, and other events that focus on teaching the “industry perspective” of the procurement process and the importance of communication with industry to acquisition personnel from across DHS. These types of events are often the only opportunity for the government to receive information about the mechanics, processes, decision criteria, and motivations of industry as it relates to doing business with the federal government. With billions of taxpayer dollars at stake in federal acquisitions every year, this knowledge is critical information that can dramatically improve how the federal government plans and executes acquisitions as well as how they conduct market research and communicate with industry throughout the process.

The Council strongly believes that federal government agencies, DHS in particular, should consider building an industry curriculum into the professional development training requirements for its acquisition personnel (e.g. contract officers, program managers, etc.). To support this recommendation, we have developed a proposed list of topics for consideration in an industry curriculum. For more information, please contact Krista Sweet.