Executive Briefing with Scott Bean – Assistant Director, FBI IT Infrastructure Division

The Council welcomed Assistant Director Bean to an Executive Briefing about innovation at LMI’s offices on September 20th. Detailing the budget, workforce, and bureaucratic obstacles often facing government officials in his position, Mr. Bean shared how he works to foster innovation and build a cadre of next generation leaders unafraid to think outside the box. To “innovate where we are, with what we have,” Mr. Bean encourages his entire staff to participate in internal “Innovation Weeks,” creating a safe environment for his employees to develop new ideas and processes. He also highlighted the most significant challenges facing his division. In addition to his top three – ‘network, network, and network’ – Bean cited aging infrastructure, mobility, and cloud adoption as the most pressing issues he sees both now and in the coming years.

Mr. Bean closed out the discussion stressing the need for enhanced government-industry engagement and collaboration on the topic of innovation. As a result of the program, the Council is exploring a potential Reverse Industry Day with Mr. Bean’s division at the FBI. Additional details will be sent when available.