HSDBC Annual Members Meeting with DHS Chief Human Capital Officer Angela Bailey

Please join your fellow Council members at our Annual Members Meeting on Monday, April 1st. You will have the opportunity to learn more about our planned activities for 2019, as well as provide your input on what Council programs and areas of focus best meet your company’s priorities in the Homeland Security Enterprise market.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Chief Human Capital Officer Angela Bailey will be our guest speaker and share her priorities and perspectives on strategic workforce planning, recruitment, and development at DHS.

2019 HSDBC National Conversation

The Homeland Security & Defense Business Council’s National Conversation brings together more than 100 industry leaders and government officials to explore and discuss the critical issues impacting the Homeland Security Enterprise, as well as advance the strategic vision and direction for the nation’s homeland security efforts. The afternoon program features a series of moderated conversations between government officials and industry leaders, and concludes with a networking cocktail reception for all attendees.

The event launches the release of the Council’s 4th Annual Report of our 20/20 Project on the State of the Homeland Security Enterprise. This year’s report focuses on the Promise of Innovation and Pain of Protests in the homeland security market.

Conversationalists this year include:

Kevin McAleenan, Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, DHS
William Bryan, Acting Under Secretary, Science and Technology Directorate, DHS
Tammy Meckley, Associate Director, Immigration Records and Identity Services Directorate, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, DHS
Derek Benner, Executive Associate Director, Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, DHS

Annual Dinner

The Council’s 2018 Annual Dinner was a truly special opportunity to celebrate the work done by the public and private sectors in support of the homeland security mission.

Executive Briefing with John Fischer, Director of Technology Transfer & Scouting S&T Directorate

The Council held an Executive Briefing with John Fischer, Director of Technology Transfer & Scouting S&T Directorate. Mr. Fischer was named Director of Technology Transfer & Scouting S&T Directorate in October 2018. Mr. Fischer has been with DHS since 2015, previously serving as the Director of Chemical-Biological Defense Division. Prior to his time at DHS, Mr. Fischer worked with the Department of Defense as the Director of the Defense Laboratories Office.

Executive Briefing with Scott Bean – Assistant Director, FBI IT Infrastructure Division

The Council welcomed Assistant Director Bean to an Executive Briefing about innovation at LMI’s offices on September 20th. Detailing the budget, workforce, and bureaucratic obstacles often facing government officials in his position, Mr. Bean shared how he works to foster innovation and build a cadre of next generation leaders unafraid […]

Executive Roundtable with Dr. John Zangardi

Dr. Zangardi shared his viewpoints and planned efforts on IT enterprise modernization, cloud adoption, shrinking the data center footprint, cybersecurity, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and in accord with the Council’s mission, how to best leverage the capabilities of the private sector in these areas.

Executive Tour to Burlington, VT and Champlain, NY

Council members traveled to Burlington, Vermont and Champlain, New York to visit critical operational facilities run by ICE and CBP. The three day program included briefings, discussions, and facility tours at the ICE ERO Law Enforcement Support Center; the Homeland Security Investigations’ Tip Line Operations and Bulk Cash Smuggling Center; and the ICE National Criminal Analysis & Targeting Center. Members also toured CBP’s Office of Field Operations at the Port of Entry in Champlain and participated in a Reverse Industry Day set of panels for the USCIS contracting personnel based in Burlington.

Executive Briefing with GAO Legal Counsel on the Drivers and Impact of Protests

The Council held a special Executive Briefing on October 3 with Ralph White, the GAO Managing Associate General Counsel for Procurement Law, on the drivers and impact of protests. Drawing on his decades of experience in bid protests, Mr. White shared his perspective on the steps both the private and public sectors can take to improve the acquisition process.

This Executive Briefing is part of a series of programs aligned with the Council’s Strategic Campaign on Acquisitions, and the 20/20 Project on the State of the Homeland Security Enterprise, to better understand how protests affect the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost of the acquisition system.