Executive Tour

Executive Tour to Laredo, TX Monday, Nov. 6 – Tuesday, Nov. 7  

Executive Tour to Redstone Arsenal/Huntsville, AL

A group of Council members traveled to Huntsville, AL for an Executive Tour to visit the FBI’s Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center and ATF’s National Center for Explosives Training & Research.

Executive Tour to Quantico

Council members toured the FBI Academy and Critical Incident Response Group operations on our Executive Tour to Quantico, VA.

Executive Tour to Seattle

The Council brought 21 members to Seattle, WA for an Executive Tour focused on the homeland security operations in the Pacific Northwest. The three day tour included briefings from and visits to the Coast Guard Base, CBP’s Office of Field Operations and Border Patrol, DHS Pacific Northwest Inter-Agency Task Force, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USCIS, and the TSA.

Executive Tour to El Paso, TX

Twenty-two members attended our Executive Tour to El Paso, TX that featured briefings and tours with CBP, DoD, EPIC, FBI, and ICE.

Executive Tour to Los Angeles

Twenty-three members representing 18 member companies attended the Council’s Executive Tour in the Los Angeles region November 3rd-5th. The visit included tours, briefings, and discussions with the Coast Guard and CBP at the Ports of LA and Long Beach; CBP, TSA, and local officials at the LAX Airport; and various agencies at the JRIC.