Acquisition Communication Binder

In early 2015, the Council co-hosted government – industry workshops with DHS on three of the four different stages of the acquisition process, as described in our document entitled “Framework for Government – Industry Engagement Through the Planning and Execution of the Acquisition Process.” The purpose of these meetings was to bring together representatives from across the components of DHS with their counterparts in industry to identify and discuss communication needs, challenges, and best practices in each stage of the acquisition process.

Based in part on the ideas discussed at these workshops, we have developed a first draft of a compilation called the “Digital Government – Industry Acquisition Communication Binder.”  The Digital Binder contains a series of tabs that are intended to serve as reference materials for both the federal government and the private sector.  Each tab includes information on how to improve and receive greater value from government – industry communication during certain activities that commonly take place during the acquisition process.   We hope the materials, when complete, can serve as a guide with tips, considerations, and examples to help guide the planning and execution of the following types of activities:

If you have comments or examples to include, please contact Krista Sweet.